TEXT: Performance transcription from memory 

Thank you all for gathering here at Sotto il Faggio!

To conclude this symposium I would like to ask you to engage with me in a brief performance.

I like to think of it as an act of overall love & gratitude.

I am not sure what exactly I am doing. I am improvising as I am following my intuition and the surrounding energies. Please bear with me by following some very simple instructions.

Please form a large circle around this tree.

Don’t be shy, it’s very easy!

Let’s all hold hands

Together step closer to the tree and hug it with your breath

Keep holding hands and step back into the initial shape.

Now close your eyes

Take a deep breath. One in and one out.

Stay in that position while I come around to position you, one by one, to hug the tree.
Hug the tree the best you can.

Reach out for the tree. If you cannot hug the tree directly reach it by hugging the person in front of you.

Keep your eyes closed.

Now that we are nicely clustered together to the tree, feel the sensations emanating from this moment, from this tree and each other’s bodies energies exchange.

Take another deep breath.

Now step back from the tree, each saying one word describing what you just experienced or simply thanking this tree for being here.

Thank you for collaborating!

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